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Christopher Fagon

Fall In Love With The Hustle

The Story So Far

Some things in the entertainment industry can seem downright impossible. Christopher Fagon likes the impossible. In fact, he’s built a career off of learning to embrace it. Familiar with the grit that shows like “Entourage” gave so many budding artists and entertainment professionals, he knew well the phrase “all our friends were hustlers.” The goal? Turn that innate sense of hustle into a career and Christopher has made it happen.

More than the money and more than the promise of fame, it’s the hustle that drew him in. After cutting his teeth in Silicon Valley building computer networks, Christopher set his sights on Los Angeles where he started as an Assistant Director and then a Logistics Manager. Bound for glory and armed with an appetite to step out of the shadow of his renowned uncle – famous British playwright, Alfred Fagon – Chris hit the streets with a hunger to overcome. This hell-bent attitude of self-made success quickly saw Christopher Fagon enter into roles as a Manager and a Producer. Living by the motto of “Connect with myself, connect with the world, and then connect the world”, entertainment, while rich in all it has to offer, is but a platform to achieve that deeper, underlying goal of greatness. More than money, more than fame, greatness is the end game.

Christopher Fagon’s work, the likes of which include working  as a Logistics manger on music videos for Drake’s popular songs “God’s Plan”, “Nice for What”, and “In My Feelings”, as well as consulting on Superfly along side Director X, the 2018 remake of the 1972 film by the same moniker, are but a few examples of the breadth of his talents and experience. As a Manager and a Producer, Christopher has been hard at work since 2009 building a career based both on excellence and positive social change.

Above the talent, experience, and the late night Hollywood gatherings, the most striking thing about Christopher is his reputation in an industry so famous for a sense of exclusivity. Known for his loyalty, positivity, and desire to maintain a heart of gold in an ever-increasingly plastic world, Christopher has been lauded by many in the industry as “a true friend.” A way of being that, in today’s day and age, is perhaps something we could all use a bit more of.

No matter his level of success, Christopher Fagon continues to strive for the riches that lie beyond the horizon. With a future desire of creating his own production company, Christopher is on a journey in his professional career. Built on the back of hard work, he’s managed to turn his street smarts into boardroom sensibility. But don’t worry, he’s still a hustler and a go-getter, the only difference is now he does it in a tailored suit.