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Screenwriting is amongst the most difficult creative endeavors to break into. Attaining success in this field requires a significant degree of talent, hard work, persistence and luck. One key step towards gaining a foothold in this industry could be to attend a film festival. Such events could prove beneficial to screenwriters for a variety of reasons which might include:

Learning Opportunities

Many different events occur at film festivals other than merely movie screenings. Certain occurrences such as instruction from professionals, workshops and discussion panels could serve as learning opportunities for new or emerging screenwriters.


There are few actions more vital to screenwriters than networking. The old adage “it’s not what you know but who you know” applies to the entertainment industry many folds. Granted, not every screenwriter’s father is a famous celebrity or has the luxury of being connected to influential people in the industry. That said, building one’s network is critical to attaining that ultimate breakthrough. Film festivals attract professionals from every aspect of the film industry such as producers, actors and directors. Every person one meets might be the connection that helps takes their career to the next level.

Improving One’s Knowledge of the Craft

Naturally, film festivals are the ultimate form for film screenings. Screenwriters who view these productions might gain important insight regarding how to improve their craft. Films chosen for viewing at festivals are considered to meet or exceed industry standards in many aspects of the filmmaking process. If screenwriters pay close attention, they might learn important techniques that can be applied to their own work.

Showcasing One’s Work

Again, one cannot reiterate enough the fact that potentially important, influential industry insiders attend certain festivals. Even if a screenwriter or filmmaker’s work is not on primary display during screenings, that does not mean the prospective creative will not have the opportunity to showcase their work. Some festivals enable emerging creatives to display their work in smaller, less formal settings. Any opportunity an emerging creative is given to display their work should be considered a blessing.

Hands on Experience in the Industry

Some screenwriters or filmmakers opt to volunteer or become employed in menial jobs at film festivals. Doing so enables such individuals to gain hands on experience of the industry and work with the people who make the business tick.