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The social media world has changed the way that entertainers market and promote their projects. The various platforms have evolved in a way that makes it difficult for people that entertain to avoid the growing social media juggernauts.

Forced Into Social Media

There are a lot of artists that are private. They are not really into posting videos or pictures of their friends and family members. They want the focus to be on their art. What has happened with social media is the exact opposite of private. People want to know more. They want to know what celebrities are doing even when they are not performing. It is a constant behind-the-scenes look at the thoughts and actions of entertainers even when they are not entertaining. This is how they appease their fans.

They use social media to gain an online following. The entertainers will then use these various platforms to promote new projects that are in the works. The caveat to this is entertainers must have followers in order to effectively promote something. Followers are gained by creating an interesting social media life. The only way that this can be done is by resisting the urge to keep everything private.

The Two-Way Street/ Managing Social Media

For fans and entertainers social media is a two-way street. The fans will promote and even repost things that were posted by their favorites music artists or actors. This comes at a cost, however, because social media becomes yet another thing that these entertainers must become responsible for managing. Most entertainers do not have the time or ability to truly manage their social media accounts. They are too busy with projects. It is essential to have a social media presence, however, because this is the main way that people discover new entertainment options.

Social Media Connections

The great thing about social media is that it has also given up and coming entertainers a platform to present new content. This works in an interesting way because it allows people that are not very well-known to build an audience. More entertainers are finding the way to a bigger spotlight through social media. This gives them a chance to gain more exposure and essentially become much more in demand.