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As a talent agent, the ultimate goal is to ink a deal with a new client. But before a contract can be signed, agents need to discover new talent. Finding the right talent doesn’t happen overnight and often takes time. Actors often jump at the chance to be represented by an agent, so once the right talent is found, they are quick to sign. Whether you are new to finding talent or a veteran of the industry, there are a variety of different ways to find new talent!


Reputable talent agencies receive tons of unsolicited submissions every single day from aspiring actors, musicians, and even authors. Each agency has a specific submission process for accepting headshots, resumes and demo reels. The overwhelming amount of submissions means they are more selective with the talent they are hiring. Of the hundreds of submissions they receive each year, only a few will be accepted by the agency and called in for an interview.

Industry Networking

Often used as another term for networking, schmoozing is a big part of the entertainment industry. As agents, with years of experience, we can use this to help build hundreds of connections throughout the industry. If one agent has a potential promising prospect but doesn’t have enough time or the resources to commit to the client, they can be offered to another colleague.

Scouting Potential Talent

As an agent, it is important to keep a finger on any up and coming artists in your area. Whether they are in a play or hosting a performance at a venue someone from your agency needs to be there to scout the talent. Most agents find their next up and coming star on cruise ships, at fashion shows, local theaters, acting classes, concerts or organized showcases. Once new talent has been scouted, they will be pulled into a meeting to discuss your representation and then scheduled for a screen test or photo shoot to determine the next steps.

Talent Considerations

Talent agencies are looking to sign new clients multiple times a week. Their ultimate goal is to ink a new deal and have a client on for a set period. Talent agents use their connections in the industry to find out what roles need cast, then work to secure an audition. Agencies are constantly making considerations when it comes to parts and the client that fits that specific role. They will often package clients together to make a stronger push to the studio or ad agency for the role.