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Networking is regarded as one of the most influential factors when it comes to individual and company success. Acquiring and maintaining a strong network of connections across industries can make a difference in the job opportunities presented to you as well as your projected growth in a given company. If you want to achieve success, it is important that you recognize how important networking is, and it is advised that you take advantage of networking events in your area and industry.

Grow Your Network

Of course, the most obvious reason to attend networking events relates to the size of your existing network. Attending networking events opens opportunities to meet more individuals in your industry and establish relationships moving forward. With the digital proficiency expected of most professionals today, individuals may find that it is easier to connect with others through social media platforms such as LinkedIn. However, in-person networking events provide opportunities to strengthen those digital relationships and further corroborate the benefits these connections can provide. 

Professionalism Practice

Networking events are especially beneficial for young professionals and individuals who may be hesitant to put themselves out there. Attending a networking event encourages more interaction with other professions given the purpose of the event, and even for individuals lacking experience and confidence, these events can promote casual conversation which leads to positive connections. By attending multiple events, individuals can learn how to better present themselves when engaging with other industry professionals and leaders, and taking the time to debrief with colleagues after the event’s conclusion can help shed some light on different nuances of the event from varying perspectives. This exercise also encourages team bonding, further building upon existing connections within your company.


Even if your company does not have any open positions, with growth and inevitable changes, there will come a day when your company is looking to hire capable individuals to fill a role. Attending networking events can help you scope out the pool of potential candidates in your region. Additionally, you can acquire contact information for individuals who will be valuable connections, potential partners, or future employees for your company so that when the time comes for the company to grow, you have a number of skilled individuals to contact.